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Class Schedule

Special Events:

Please visit our Facebook Page for news on special events.

Club Headquarters/ Main Studio:

Our current class schedule, located at the MAGMA studio at 11 Pleasant St (3rd floor) in Gloucester MA, is as follows:

Tuesdays: 8pm-9pm
Thursdays: 8pm-9pm

Please try to show up 10- 15 minutes early, so class can start on time.  

Classes are held in the MAGMA Center (Movement Arts Gloucester Massachusetts) and are open to teens and adults (though for parents with smaller humans, children are welcome to come and watch classes provided they do not disturb the training).  Please do not wear shoes into the studio for karate classes.  It is customary to bow as you enter and leave the training space.  If you show up late (it is better to be late than to not show up at all), please bow in and sit just inside the door until the instructor invites you to join the class.  Although a traditional karate uniform (gi) is the preferred attire for class, comfortable "work out" clothes are completely acceptable. 
Club tuition is a suggested donation of $10/ class or $50/ month but is based on a "pay what you can" philosophy.  We would much rather have people who want to participate in karate actually train, rather than worry about money.  

Please consider joining our Facebook page at for updates, cool events, some fun videos and networking with other karateka. Additional training times will be sent out as available, including any belt-testing or special guest events.  Should we need to cancel a class, a notification will go out to everyone on our member list, usually via text message. Thank you. 

Sister Dojo/ Bonus Training:

For a bit of extra/ bonus training, The Shodokan ( in Beverly MA, offers solid Shotokan Karate with an Arnis influence.  Classes meet once a week.

             Sundays: 10:30am- 11:30am

These classes run separately from the Cape Ann Shotokan Club, under the instruction of Sensei Michael Levin.  Sensei Levin offers a fantastic compliment to the CASC midweek, evening schedule for those interested in increasing their training to 3 days a week or need a bit more flexibility in their schedule.  Due to the more "travel friendly" time of Sensei Levin's class, he has graciously offered the CASC to use this space/ time slot to work with "guest senseis" and offer special training seminars through out the year.  

Sensei Levin's classes are typically offered for $30/ month or $10/ class (seminars/ guest instructors may require an additional fee).  For more information on this space/ class, feel free to contact Sensei Levin at or call Matthew Natti (see contact page).

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